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Kathy Andrew

    Professional Organizer 

     Specializing in

         Home & Office organizing 




Tired of living in a war zone? 

Spending too much time looking for things?

Can't find what you need?  

Drowning in stuff you don't need or use?


Missed appointments.

Lost cash and/or checks, outdated gift cards & discounts.

Late fees on bills and/or tax penalties.

Repeat buying.

Physical and mental stress.


Simplifies your life.

Saves you time and money.

Reduces stress.

More time for family, friends and fun.

Why You Need Kathy

Married with four children and eight wonderful grandkids.

A "mom" to two adorable rescue dogs, Cooper and Casey.

Member of Assistance League of Riverside.

Passionate about organizing and helping clients change their lives.

Honest, non-judgmental, experienced, reliable and detail oriented.

Background in banking and legal professions.

Published author of a children's book entitled "Harley Gets Adopted.

How YOU BENEFIT from Kathy's expertise

Your clutter will be removed and your chaos will turn into organization.  Your residence and/or office will be organized with enthusiasm, compassion, integrity, complete confidentiality and a sense of humor.

You will receive customized organizing systems for your specific needs to reduce your stress and help you live your best life. 

Your household items in your kitchen, closets, kid's rooms, bedrooms, etc., will be organized and easy to locate. 

A "user friendly" filing system will be created in your office and your business or personal paperwork will be organized. 

Your home will be transformed into an enjoyable, relaxed haven and your office into a functional, productive environment. 

You will enjoy every day knowing that you have systematic order in your life instead of chaos.

Through my consulting and/or hands-on organizing, you will be empowered with practical organizing skills and systems to bring balance and peace into your home and office.

Why procrastinate?

Call now:  951-515-8630

Let's work together to get your "KaosBeGone"


 "I'm so happy I asked Kathy to come help me reorganize my home office.  What a difference it makes to have things organized with a system and to have your furniture and equipment lined up to facilitate your workflow!  Kathy knows just what to do and is fun to work with.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to get their home office organized."

      DEBORAH, reverse mortgage specialist

"It was a blessed day!  I really appreciated Kathy's expertise and her warmth.  I showed off my pantry to my daughter-in-law and she really liked it. Love the fact that Kathy is so open and flexible.  I feel that we worked very well together and I look forward to taking on another project with her very soon!"

       KRISTY, homemaker  

"I love my new closet.  I can't believe how happy it has made me and I actually enjoy going into it instead of getting depressed every time I stepped over my shoes, etc.  My only regret is that I didn't hire Kathy sooner.  She has inspired me to be more organized in other areas of my life."

       PATTY, counselor

"Organizing is definitely Kathy's expertise.  If you need help finding your sales materials in your trunk and turning a mess into an organized system, she can do the job!   And after she completed my craft room, I can now quickly locate items thanks to her organizing skills."

      TRICIA, realtor

 "It was such a relief that Kathy was able to accomplish so much in my home office.  She is very conscientious and I feel 100% confident in her abilities and feel she is very trustworthy.

       BONNIE, nurse

 "Kathy's organizational skills greatly improved productivity and effectiveness in the entire office.  She assessed our needs and then implemented organizing systems to fit our specific needs."    

       RENAE, director of retail

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Rates and Fees

 My rates and fees are dependent upon the nature of each particular job, requirements, and length

of time needed to complete each session or job.    



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